About Us

The Chicago Maker Challenge represents a unique partnership between the Motorola Mobility Foundation, the Chicago Public Library and Citizen Schools.

  • The Motorola Mobility Foundation (MMF) is the philanthropic arm of Motorola Mobility LLC, a Lenovo company. Motorola Mobility Foundation seeks to catalyze the innovative use of technology to improve lives and communities. We do this by leveraging employee expertise and talent, providing funding, and partnering with nonprofits, learning institutions, startups, government, corporate and civic organizations. The Foundation’s mission to improve lives through technology is driven by the Team4Good, a group of employee volunteers passionate about community outreach.

  • Since first opening its doors to the public in 1873, the Chicago Public Library has maintained its status of one of the City’s most democratic of institutions — providing all Chicagoans with a free and open place to gather, learn, connect, read and be transformed. The 80 locations of the Chicago Public Library are at the forefront of providing innovative library services, technologies and tools Chicagoans need to achieve their personal goals and to establish the City’s role as a competitive force in the global marketplace.
  • Citizen Schools is dedicated to closing the opportunity gap for children across the United States. We mobilize a team to enable public middle schools in low-income communities to provide a longer learning day rich with opportunities. Our deep partnerships with schools put young adults on track to succeed by connecting the resources of communities, companies, governments, and philanthropies. Does your neighborhood elementary school partner with Citizen Schools?  If so, they are already enrolling students in the competition, so ask your Principal about Citizen Schools today or click “here” to find out where Citizen Schools is located within Chicago.