Enter the Challenge

Registration to enter the Challenge by March 1, 2016!

Summer day in Chicago

  1. Register for the challenge by clicking here.
  2. During registration, you will provide an email address where a Parental Permission Form will be sent.The signed and completed permission form must be returned to chicagomakerchallenge@gmail.com before May 6, 2016 (when videos are submitted). If you wish to attend the Chicago Maker Challenge Launch Party, you must return a completed Parental Permission Form to chicagomakerchallenge@gmail.com before May 6, or bring the signed form with you. Students who are participating through Citizen Schools do not need to complete this Parental Permission Form.
  3. We’ll stay in touch with updates and reminders throughout the Challenge. Please make sure to provide a valid and active email address, as it is vital to successful communication throughout the Chicago Maker Challenge.

By registering for the challenge, you and your parents or guardians agree that the Motorola Mobility Foundation may take photos or videos throughout the Challenge and post them with student names on its website or other locations. The Foundation may also post project videos on its website or other locations. Click here for the Challenge privacy policy.

For more please see our Official Rules guidelines here.